MentorAbroad is a peer mentorship website that connects aspiring African students seeking to study in the United States/Canada with International students already studying in those universities. Students receive advice and mentorship on how to best apply to Universities in the United States and Canada. Aspiring students can connect with the mentors through their Facebook profiles or reach them through their emails. MentorAbroad is a free service. All mentors appearing on this website are volunteer students.


Mugisha's Dream

After his graduation, Mugisha, a fresh alumnus of MIT decided to give back to his society by providing mentorship to prospecting college students who wished to study abroad as he had done. He visited several high schools in his hometown, advising students on how to prepare competently for these colleges. One year later, his efforts paid off when a number of his mentees got admission into top colleges around the world, including the United States, Europe and the Middle East.

As beneficiaries to his mentorship program, we as the founders of MentorAbroad asked ourselves a critical question: How many aspiring college students have someone like Mugisha to guide them through an abroad college application?

With a little bit of love and the internet, MentorAbroad.com was born - a website that allows aspiring college students get mentorship and advice on how to apply to colleges and universities in the United States, Canada, Europe, the Middle East and any other countries that is different from their home country.

Studying Abroad

Many students owe their success in college to individuals like Mugisha, and we at MentorAbroad believe that giving prospecting college students the chance to interact with students already in those colleges that they are striving for is not only an effective strategy but also an inspiring opportunity. For students wishing to study abroad, the application process can be a great challenge, and we strongly believe that a system of mentorship could go a long way in helping students in their applications. All of the 42 mentors that we currently have volunteering with us have endured the application process successfully, and are devoted to helping you in any way possible so that you too, can get into your dream college.

Samuel Karani, Sulaiman Haruna, Adesoji Adeshina

Founders, MentorAbroad

email: hello@mentorabroad.com



    Samuel is a Computer Science student at the University of California, Berkeley. He is passionate about software solutions for social problems that are creative and effective.

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    Victor is an ambitious student from Kenya known for his contagious smile and Macbook Pro. Together, they define him. A smile, for the value of altruism that he stands for. A laptop, for programming and an undying passion for chess.